Mechanically Engraved Anilox Rolls


Advanced metallurgy:

  • We avoid engraving in accident prone copper compositions. If a diameter needs a build up, Steel/ Hardened Stainless Steel is used, which increases the impact resistance. After the engraving the roll may receive a nickel plating and/or galvanic hardened chrome plating.

High precision:

  • Tightest T.I.R. & O.D. and an even screening over the entire engraved surface for a constant screen, volume, depth, angle, and optimal wall-to-opening ratio.

Precision Engraving:

  • High precision mechanical engraving tools are used to manufacture our rolls.
  • Upon request, custom made mechanical engraving tools can be manufactured.

Advanced engravings:

  • Standard & custom engraving patterns including finer line screens (from 6 l/cm to maximum 140 l/cm). The patterns manufactured are: 45°, 60° Hex, Trihelical, Channellox, Positive Reverse or other special engravings upon request.
  • Special tools enable Apex to engrave directly into steel or even stainless steel
  • Different cell specifications and patterns available
  • From 6 l/cm up to 140 l/cm
  • Standard 30°45°and 60° as well as custom engraving options;
  • Quadrangular, Pyramid, Hexagonal, Tri-Helical,
  • Channellox or specials on request.
  • AST metal fusion process for original diameter
  • Build up with steel
  • Increased durability due to Anti-Corrosion Layer

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