A Full Range of Anilox
Engraving and Sleeves

In order to remain the most innovative Anilox manufacturer globally, we place a significant value on bringing our clients the best technical solutions leading to award-winning results. Our rolls are known to have the most precise volumes in the industry, creating the most consistent print job to job – printing press to printing press.

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Who We Are

The Apex Group is the global leader in Anilox rollers, metering, and print maintenance solutions. From materials to manufacturing processes, Apex maintains a culture of innovation driven to set new standards in Anilox performance. Few companies are known to devote as much of their revenue back into R&D as we do. Thanks to this structure, Apex sets the bar by being the only Anilox roll manufacturer to produce its own Anilox sleeves and hold the revolutionary GTT engraving patent.

What We Do

We use our improved techniques, strong expertise, and the latest processes to provide the highest standards in terms of quality Anilox rollers. Apex prides itself on always offering the latest laser technology to provide a wide range of engravings for every need. In addition to the ceramic laser engraved rollers, we also provide chrome-plated rollers to meet every need. To offer the fastest service without diminishing quality, Apex also has a large warehouse of the most common Anilox rolls to meet the growing global demand for our products consistently.

Guaranteed Consistency

In flexography, the staggering combinations of plate, ink, press, speed, operator – and even climate – all conspire to reduce predictability on press. As the heart of the flexo press, the anilox roll is the foundation of the printing process. Therefore, to limit the possible variables at the ink transfer stage — engravings, ceramics, TIR tolerances, volume, wear — will provide the stability required to achieve print consistency and press efficiency. Through high QC standards and innovation, Apex helps remove the anilox from the list of variables. With the advent of Apex’s GTT engravings, ink release has never been more predictable.