SuperBox HQPP Project: Achieving Offset-Quality 142 LPI on Testliner

This webinar focuses on moving your corrugated production from Pre-Print Offset and Flexo to Flexo High Quality Post Print thanks to our latest innovative technologies. By combining the latest advancements in both Crystal Screening with Print Control Wizard for Corrugated and state of the art Apex GTT anilox rolls for Corrugated print on TestLiner enabling 142 lpi high resolution print, you will excel and benefit from the great advancements and massive growth of post print corrugated packaging in the industry today.

Get a Head Start Optimizing White Ink Based on 36 Printing Tests

In this webinar, we present “best combinations” from real print tests with White Ink.  We completed 36 print tests using 5 anilox volumes, 4 plate types, 9 surface patterns, 2 ink types, and 3 different print speeds.  After the print tests, we measured the opacity of each possible combination and used a microscope to capture the ink homogeneity.

New Approach of Optimizing the Wide Web Flexo Press at DFTA Technology Center

This webinar takes a closer look at the strategy and process of the DFTA to optimize their own press. Flexography offers freedom in terms of substrates, inks, plates, tapes, etc. The challenge is to use this flexibility in a way that all parameters interact in an optimum way to achieve a high quality and consistent print result.

How to Eliminate Ink – Lacquer Foaming with Water-Based Inks

This webinar focuses on Ink – Lacquer foaming with water-based inks in all Flexo applications. You will learn from industry experts about technologies that can eliminate foaming.  We investigate the root causes of foaming and explore technology to control the foaming and eliminate the factors that create it.

Color Impact of White Ink Opacity with Solvent Inks

In this webinar we explore the advantages of a synchronized approach combining the latest plate technologies, advanced screening patterns and anilox technologies. We look in detail at optimizing screening selection, anilox & ink to deliver quality, efficiency & cost improvements.

Introducing FlexoKITE

During the FlexoKITE introduction webinar we explain how the FlexoKITE experience can boost your efficiency and productivity with game-changing knowledge and wisdom. We explain why leading flexo technology suppliers have joined forces to demystify end-to-end equipment and workflow integration.

Apex Company Movie

An introduction to Apex, the world’s largest anilox and metering roll manufacturer. Customer focused, Committed to Innovation, The Measure of Quality, Global Ink and Metering… Read More