Frequently Asked Questions…

How can I be sure I am ordering the right roll according to the machine manufacturer’s specifications?

When you first order an anilox roll with Apex, we will send you a drawing of the roll for approval. After you have approved the drawing, Apex will confirm the order and start production. For all subsequent orders for the same printing press, you do not need to reconfirm the drawing anymore. Apex owns an impressive database of original OEM specifications.

I want to have one supplier for all my rolls, but I have presses from different brands. Will Apex manufacture all types of rolls?

In general, Apex can produce any roll. Our extensive database of original OEM specifications and drawing guarantees that we can manufacture almost any roll or sleeve. Besides, Apex anilox products are tested, approved and deployed by all leading press manufacturers.

Angles, lines per cm, lines per inch, volume in cm3/m2 or bcm? What do you mean by that?

The flexographic industry makes use of determined angles to print CMYK colors. If a pattern is not set up according to the standard angles, moire occurs. This is referred to as an interference pattern caused by the out of register overlap of two or more regular patterns such as dots or lines. In flexographic printing, it can be caused by incorrect relative screen of the anilox rolls and halftone plate. Screen angles are selected to minimise this pattern (source: The Essential Handbook for Flexography & Packaging Printing).

How can I determine which specs are best for my print application?

The parameters determining the Anilox specifications for the perfect ink transfer, are:

  • Type of ink – or even coating – you are using (water-based, UV, solvent-based, …)
  • Viscosity of the ink
  • The machine type & speed
  • Substrate (paper, foil, PP, PPE, corrugated board, …)
  • Plate types & screen, this may vary between 18 l/cm (45 lpi) and 90 l/cm (230 lpi)
  • The Minimum Dot Percentage (1% – 2% – 3% – 5% – 10%)
  • The engraving pattern of your choice: Conventional Anilox rolls (Hexagonal, TriHelical, LongCell, Positive, etc) or Advanced GTT.

I want my rolls/sleeves fast. Do you have a stock program?

Yes, we have over a thousand pre-coated label/narrow web rolls in the most popular press sizes always in stock, awaiting your order and deliverable within 15 working days (treatment = ceramic coated and laser engraved).

For label rolls, you offer always a new roll instead of reconditioning worn out rolls.  Isn’t that expensive?

No, actually the total operating costs over an average period of let’s say 3 years – will be lower then the old steel recon solution. This is caused by:

  • Fast replacement of an anilox roll
  • You will always have a new roll to ensure high reproducible printing.
  • No administrative work regarding recon, transport (& customs)
  • No shipping costs for recon
  • Higher productivity due to faster changing
  • No productivity loss when the roll is not available during recon (less downtime)

More Questions?

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