Conventional laser engraved anilox rolls

UltraCell cell geometries are wider and up to 30% shallower than C02 and conventional YAG laser-engraved anilox rolls, yet deliver the same ink volume and density. UltraCell is engraveable in all patterns: hexagonal, LongCell, Tri-Helical, Channellox, Positive, among many others. UltraCell’s super-dense low-porosity, non-wetting ceramic and UltraMelt laser-engraving process mean more efficient ink-to-plate transfer, faster clean-up, super corrosion- and score-resistance. UltraCell lasts longer, maintains more accurate volume- and can deliver better print results.

  • Advanced Geometry

    UltraCell shallow-profile geometry

  • Superhard Ceramic

    High-density, low-porosity ceramic

  • Innovative Laser Process

    Multi-Phase laser engraving

  • Corrosion Barrier

    Thick, impermeable protective layer

  • Quality Control

    Rigorous laser interferometric cell-volume verification on every roll

  • Printing Precision

    Improved solids, fine-line and process printability

  • Superior Value

    Greater ink release & faster clean up

  • Inking Efficiency

    Low-porosity ceramic & shallow germetry enable more complete and consistent ink release to the plate

  • Durability

    Increased score resistance & corrosion resistance


This calculator is a guide to help customers understand the implications of choosing extreme Anilox engravings. The recommendations are presented as visual images and the associated volume and screen number. Apex can advise pros and cons of anilox specifications to help you decide on the specifications for your needs. We have incorporated 30+ years of Anilox experience and combined it with the latest technology in the industry.