The Secret to Unparalleled Consistency Begins with GTT

Imagine using just one anilox roll for finer screens – and stronger solids. Imagine less mottling, pinholing, plugging and dot gain. Imagine faster drying time. Bottom line? Print more with less. GTT is the best anilox product available in the market for achieving the needed consistent ink-to-plate transfer in HD Flexo Quality and Fixed Palette printing.

What is the GTT anilox difference? GTT’s patented Open Slalom Ink Channel geometry lets an exact volume of ink flow calmly and precisely from the anilox onto the printing plate, releasing just the right amount. Thus, print finer screens and solids on the same ink station – and get the same results next time.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Open Slalom Ink Channel Geometry Ink flows uniformly and calmly onto the plate
  • Constant Beam Laser engraving Delivers smooth, hard and precise channel walls
  • Super-hard hybrid ceramic High-density, low-porosity Ceramic (80% CrO2/20% Titanium)
  • Improved Printability Print stronger solids with less mottling & pinholing; sharper and finer type; tighter reverses; finer, cleaner plate screens; less dot gain
  • Enhanced repeatability Job after job, year after year, GTT delivers predictable and repeatable print results
  • Greater Profitability Let GTT boost your bottom line with savings in time and better print quality


This calculator is a guide to help customers understand the implications of choosing extreme Anilox engravings. The recommendations are presented as visual images and the associated volume and screen number. Apex can advise pros and cons of anilox specifications to help you decide on the specifications for your needs. We have incorporated 30+ years of Anilox experience and combined it with the latest technology in the industry.