A History of Innovation

For over 25 years, Apex International has been committed to serving the printing industry through innovation.  Now the world’s largest anilox solutions provider offers these benefits as part of our commitment to technical innovation and the development of the most consistent anilox solutions on the market today.

The Innovator’s Choice

At Apex, our brand is about values.  And what we’re about isn’t making anilox rolls for printing machines, although we do that well.  Better than almost anybody in some cases.  But Apex is about something more than that.  We believe that people with a commitment to innovation and quality can change our industry for the better.  We’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the most talented individuals and organizations in the industry.  We believe that people who think outside the box enough to think they can change the industry are the ones that actually do.  We wanted to find a way to communicate this and what we have is something that we are very excited about.  It honors those people who have shaped the printing industry. The theme of this campaign is “The Innovator’s Choice.”  It’s honoring the people who, through innovation, molded and shaped the industry that we are all a part of.  It is what we are about and it touches the soul of our company.


About Embossing

Over more than a century, from modest workshop specialised in textile to todays industrial efficiency. An evolution of essential steps:

  • 1872 : M. Keller-Dorian set up a workshop for engraving rollers at 19 rue St Eusèbe in Lyon, France. The company works for textile and paper industries.
  • 1892 : First roller engraved for water marking cigarette paper.
  • 1924 : Creation of an “applicator department”.
  • 1932 : To face a fast growing business, a new plant is built at 10bis, rue Saint-Eusèbe in Lyon, France.
  • 1940 : Keller-Dorian Graphics keep on developing its embossing activities for figured glass and plastics markets.
  • 1955 : Embossing markets expand quickly and the company become involved in a new engraving market : photoengraving. Keller-Dorian Graphics staff now numbered 150 people.
  • 1961 : First roller chromeplated by Keller-Dorian Graphics.
  • 1969 : In order to ensure its supply for rollers bodies, Keller-Dorian Graphics buys over the Goyot company in Bellegarde.
  • 1977 : First 4m roller engraved for the floorcovering industry.
  • 1981 : “Revolution” in the gravure printing market : birth of electro-mechanical engraving.
  • 1987 : First laser engraved roller in asociation with the CNRS metal department.
  • 2001 : Huge investments in new technologies – Laser “Yag” – Mechanical lathe (4 meters) – Proofing machines (suitable for 4 meters rollers).
  • 2003 : Keller-Dorian turns into Keller-Dorian Graphics.
  • 2004 : A new production plant is created nearby Lyon, France.
  • 2005 : Investment in a new system of numerical frame grabbing.