Apex International Opens 2nd FlexoKITE Center

The agenda welcomes virtual attendees with a birds-eye view of FlexoKITE, real-time and real-world problem-solving, and the keys to FlexoKITE online resources.

Key Take-Aways

  • Exploration of FlexoKITE center’s high-technology pressroom laboratory in Nashik, including new Bobst M5 label press with software and platemaking equipment from ESKO and DuPont;
  • “Ask Us Anything” Q&A session with tech gurus from ESKO, Bobst Label, Flint Group, Apex, TESA tape, DuPont, Max Specialty Films, and others;
  • Access to the FlexoKITE Webinar Resource Library;
  • The Anilox Volume Challenge: Will print density change before and after an engraved anilox roll is surface-polished to 0.3cm3/m2? Watch the live-print demo and learn.