How Can Ultracell Anilox Technology Help Me Print Better?

UltraCell cell geometries are wider and shallower than CO2 and conventional YAG laser-engraved rolls – up to 30% more shallow to be precise!  Combined with UltraCell’s unrivaled cell precision and ultra-low porosity ceramic, UltraCell from Apex delivers:

How Do I Decide If GTT Is The Best Solution For My Print Operation?

First, ask yourself if the jobs you run, and those you want to run, require the high quality, high definition precision, long-run repeatability and ink consumption reduction that GTT can deliver. Second, consult with an Apex representative who will help you determine whether GTT can meet your goals.  If you determine GTT’s benefits exceed your actual needs, Apex has a world-class selection of conventional anilox engraving options.  Apex over-engineered our UltraCell anilox technology to have superfine anilox screens with our proprietary laser technology and super hard ceramic.  But whether you choose GTT or UltraCell, you can count on Apex quality, precision and reliability.