Will GTT Work With My Existing Presses, Plates And Inks? What About “High Performance” Flexo?

Based on tough, real world shop conditions in over 10,000 installations across the globe, GTT is proven to work with all presses, inks, and plates in all facets of flexo.  Increasingly, OEMs and printers are demanding GTT for their new presses because of GTTs superiority and flexibility.  Many older presses spring to life with GTT.  In fact, ink manufacturers are developing more cost-effective inks optimized specifically to take advantage of GTT’s ability to run thinner, lower viscosity inks.  GTT is ideally suited to High-Performance flexography.

What Are GTT “Sizes” And How Can There Be So Few?

Now you can stop worrying about the sheer number of possible line and volume anilox combinations needed to run your print jobs.  Since each GTT “size” covers the range of two or more conventional anilox rolls, most printers only need two or three GTT “sizes” to perform all printing tasks.  So instead of calculating complex BCM, LPI, L/cm and cm³/m² formula, just analyse the type of job you’re going to print and select the appropriate GTT size. 

How Do I Decide If GTT Is The Best Solution For My Print Operation?

First, ask yourself if the jobs you run, and those you want to run, require the high quality, high definition precision, long-run repeatability and ink consumption reduction that GTT can deliver. Second, consult with an Apex representative who will help you determine whether GTT can meet your goals.  If you determine GTT’s benefits exceed your actual needs, Apex has a world-class selection of conventional anilox engraving options.  Apex over-engineered our UltraCell anilox technology to have superfine anilox screens with our proprietary laser technology and super hard ceramic.  But whether you choose GTT or UltraCell, you can count on Apex quality, precision and reliability.

What is the Banded Roll Program for GTT Profile Selection?

There are 5 standard profiles available in the GTT for Offset range: S, M, L. XL and XXL.  It is very easy to make a selection, dependent upon your application.  If you are not certain which profile suits your application best, you can make use of the live banded roll test.  Apex holds several banded rolls in stock for most of the common machine types.  Ask your local Apex technical representative for more information on this unique service.