What Can Accora Glue Sets Do For Me?

Finally, accurate glue sets that deliver just the right amount of glue, job after job.  New metallurgy and precision manufacturing give you the competitive edge in corrugating.  Accora is built tough for longer roll life – and built smart to help save of glue costs.

Why Is Apex The First Choice In Corrugated Anilox & Glue Sets?

Because Apex speaks corrugated – fluently.  Global presence?  In over 80 countries, Apex delivers superior quality and service to a fast-growing customer base.  Innovation?  Not only did Apex pioneer the original 60-degree hex-cell engraving and the patented GTT for Corrugated engraving, but also enabled high-performance flexo through advances in laser technology, ceramics, and metallurgy.  Quality?  From materials to the manufacturing process, Apex continues to set the standard in anilox and glue set performance, know-how and service.