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Our vision is to be the global leader in ink, metering, and embossing solutions by addressing the needs of our customers in the corrugated, flexographic printing, offset, coating, and embossing markets as well as the OEMs that serve them. This helps our customers operate their businesses more efficiently and profitably.


Industry-leading precision engineering. Our Accora glue-set solutions are the secret to success for some of the largest corrugators in the world. When coupled with our advanced engraving technology, Apex International delivers a powerful competitive advantage.

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Flexographic Printing

We are Setting a New Standard in flexographic anilox solutions. From our state-of-the-art anilox reconditioning services to our anilox sleeve solutions, Apex International has a relentless focus on flexo anilox applications.

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Label & Narrow Web

At Apex International, we understand the demands of label customers and what it takes to help label printers decrease downtime, improve consistency and ultimately drive profitably. Our industry-leading stock program makes extended lead times a thing of the past.

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Offset & Coating

Offset professionals know that coating and varnishes can bring a printed piece to life — or ruin it. Don’t let orange peel and pinholing destroy your profit margins. Apex International has solutions that have been tested and approved by leading press manufactures worldwide.

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This calculator is a guide to help customers understand the implications of choosing extreme Anilox engravings. The recommendations are presented as visual images and the associated volume and screen number. Apex can advise pros and cons of anilox specifications to help you decide on the specifications for your needs. We have incorporated 30+ years of Anilox experience and combined it with the latest technology in the industry.

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What Our Clients Say

DS Smith

"Through various internal printing tests and an exact matching of ink and plate we are able to realize all printing requirements with only one roll set. Because of this fact our conscious decision for the GTT Technology is positive and future-oriented in every respect. At our Mannheim location two printing machines are fully equipped with GTT: the Göpfert Ovation with 6 GTTCORR L rolls and the Martin 718 with 11 GTTCORR L rolls."

Oliver Sprengart

Production Manager - DS Smith Packaging


"We see in Apex GTT the most innovative anilox technology that meets our high quality standards simply the best. This is why we establish an important, strategic cooperation with Apex and will standardly recommend all new machines with GTT – rolls in future times. Numerous of our machines worldwide are already equipped with the GTT technology, which makes it clear for us that the market has realised the many benefits of this technology and knows how to apply it."

André Göpfert

CEO - Göpfert Maschinenbau GmbH

Carolina Container

"The machine operators, on both shifts, are overwhelmed with the new GTT Anilox roll's performance. We definitely will continue to monitor and review the print quality."

Ronnie Watson

Plant Superintendent - Carolina Container

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We understand that customers aren’t just looking for products. They want solutions that will materialize into cost savings and increased efficiencies for their business. That’s why we’ve developed a diverse set of solutions with a successful track record of helping companies improve their operations.

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